Momentum Citizenship & Residency provides immigration consulting services to a large number of people across the world who aspire to live in another country. We are the immigration experts since 2019 and today we have Physical footprints in Bangalore, Kerala and Dubai. Our team has 5 years of experience in immigration process and specializing number of programs like attaining Work permits, Permanent residency ,Citizenship By Investment & Study Abroad

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    At Momentum our team of experts is unwaveringly committed to guaranteeing your visa and immigration process is a triumphant success. Place your confidence in us.

    Meghna Ramesh Kumar, Managing Director

    Our Main Practices


    Business Migration

    Business Immigration is for Individuals who have a high net worth. There individuals can gain citizenship in exchange for some investment in the host country’s economy.


    Skilled Migration

    It allows foreign workers to work in a shortage occupation as part of the skilled migration visa program.


    Study Abroad

    Subsequently, you gain prospects and opportunities with a clear vision of your future career and the world too. We have associates top ranked Universities in the globe like USA, Canada,UK, Australia, France, India, UA